Every child, even most adults look forward to the holidays. It is a time to be happy and catch up on life. Making plans for an upcoming holiday may be a ritual for you and your family. But, unfortunately for children, who had to be placed in foster care, may not have experienced such a joyful activity in a long time.

Now that they have you and your family to rely upon, make the most of your time together. Plan a holiday just, as usual, maybe a simple visit to grandma or an outdoor activity like fishing or camping. Don’t be hesitant of making plans when you have a foster child, it will help them greatly to normalize.

What To Expect?

The foster child might not get as excited as your other children or as much you might hope. Don’t be disheartened. Being disconnected from such little happiness in life may have rendered them unable to express happiness. But be assured they are excited.

Lisa Witter, with Perpetual Fostering, says that many foster children have behavioral and/or mental health problems. Following a regular routine and having fun activities will help them get assimilated faster.

What Plans To Make?

When you start to plan a vacation or maybe a simple visit to someplace, make sure to tell them about it. Let them know that you are looking forward to this upcoming vacation time with your foster child. It will make them feel wanted and loved. Involve the child, ask them what would they like to do. Find out what activities interest them and include such activities. The holidays will give you an opportunity to get to know your foster child better. Help them open up and be confident individuals.

You Must Know

A foster child may actually feel unhappy when planning for a holiday. It might bring them back painful memories or they might not have the slightest idea about what to expect. What is normal for you may not be normal for them. Give them time and let them know, you understand what they are feeling. Encourage them to talk.

Have Fun

If your foster child is not interested to go somewhere then let it be. He or she just might take more time to be ready for such joyous activities. Even by staying at home you can have a lot of fun. Play games like board games or just hang out by the pool.

If you are indeed taking a trip, make sure that you keep the child involved so that they do not feel left out. Also, take any safety precautions or make adequate planning about food and lodging. Keep in mind of any food allergy that the foster child might have or any other special requirement.    

Holidays are the time to enjoy. Make the most of your time as a family during this time. It will give you an amazing opportunity to bond and experience the joys of parenthood. Plan ahead and have a wonderful time together.       

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