Hello ladies! If you’re looking for a guide to fitting your bra, you’ve come to the right place. A good bra is a basic necessity for all women to keep the girls healthy and in shape. However, most women are not aware of how to fit a bra. There are a few simple tips to know if the bra you’re wearing is your size or not.

1.  The band size

Wear your bra and put two fingers in the band. If you can easily put two fingers inside then the band is the right size. If it’s too tight or too loose, you should get one size less or more respectively. Most women don’t know that the band size is the size of the band two inches above the waist.

2.  The cup size

Measure with an inch tape. Take the measures around the fullest part of your breast and the band size. If the difference is less than an inch you’re an A cup. Increase the size of the cup by one size with every inch.

3.  Fitting

The hooks should close parallel to the band in front. It shouldn’t ride up or be too loose. If you want to test if the bra is the right size for you then lift up your arms straight above your head. If the bra straps shift or you spill out, then you need a different bra size.

How to choose the correct bra?

When you go to purchase a bra, you have so many options that you might get confused. Should you buy bras for comfort or looks? Why not buy both? You can choose a scoop neck bra without any wires or elastic for maximum comfort. It gives great support. Since it takes the shape of the body, it is the best option for a majority of the women.

How many bras should you have?

You might like to stock up on your bras for a rainy day, or even go bra shopping because you can’t keep your hands off the pretty things. But if you think practically you don’t need more than 7 bras in your wardrobe.

If you’re a fashionista, you might have more because you need different ones for different outfits. You might want to have an assortment of different colors too. No matter what your preference is, you definitely should have 7 comfort bras that you can wear on the days when you don’t feel too good.

If you’re still not sure about your size then go for a fitting at a lingerie store. They would have professionals there who can advise you the best. You can even look up online guides, but it is more accurate to get a fitting done in person.

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