If you’re a homeowner looking to upgrade your interiors to an even more premium look, you’ll be glad to know that it doesn’t take a tremendous amount of effort to elevate the look and feel of your home. With a few clever changes, you can infuse a luxury feel into your living room, which is the first room you should target if you entertain a lot.

Here are three ways to give your home an instant makeover.

Add a metallic touch

Metallic colors and textures have a way of making a space look rich and classy. At the same time, overdoing this element can make your home look too rustic or artificial. Take the middle route and introduce décor elements that achieve the goal without taking over your living room.

Install a large wall mirror on an empty wall, framed in a bold metallic finish that goes with your décor (think silver, chrome, gold, rose gold or bronze). This will do two things: it will open up the space and make it look plush at the same time. If large décor items are not your thing, create an arrangement of smaller frames in varying textures.

Even a single glitzy piece can lend your entertainment area a high-end feel. Place a life-size metallic vase at a strategic location (spray paint an existing one to save money), brass candlesticks on the console table, or an interesting silver article on the coffee table or dining table. Avoid using sequined cushions as they’re neither comfortable nor rich-looking.

Throw away your old worn-out sofa

Replacing your sofa can be an expense but it’s well worth the spend, as it will give your home a magnificent uplift. Moreover, good sofas are more like an investment that you keep using for years to come.

Changing the most central furniture pieces in your living room can turn it into a different place altogether. If it’s time to bid your old sofa goodbye, take the time to find a set that’s both luxurious and comfortable. Long-lasting materials such as leather and solid wood go well together in creating a plush look that marks a tastefully done home.

Fred Thompson from S.W. James (https://www.swjames.com) says that a high quality Chesterfield sofa should have a solid oak frame, which will ensure it lasts a lifetime.

Work on the lighting

Take a good look at any lush space and you will find that lighting plays an important role in creating the ambiance that you so desire for your own home. The right mood lighting can create an environment that’s comforting, warm and stylish all at the same time.

From windows to wall lamps, any light that comes into your living room should make it look cozy and add to its charm. Change draperies to a rich translucent fabric that lets natural light play peek-a-boo; install table or floor lamps that create beautiful patterns on the walls; and don’t forget to install a dimmer so that you can control the amount of light and create the mood you want.

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